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m!ka Table Clamp for Microphone Arm

From: Yellowtec

-Elegant single tube construction for modern studio design
-System solution combining microphone and monitor mounts
-'On Air Signalling' atop the microphone
-Elaborate internal linkage and coil spring construction supporting microphones up to 2 kg (4.5 lbs)

MIKA presents itself as an integrated modular system for mounting and positioning microphones and flat panel monitors.

It helps you to restore order to your microphone and monitor arrangements in your studio or at your workstation. Thus forming a new scenery with refreshing ease.


-Friction joints with easy accessible thumbscrews enabling fine adjustments for various weights
-Internal wiring - hidden from view
-Two finishes: anodised aluminium or coated dark grey
-Bushing for solid flush desktop mounting
-MSS Pole for extension with maximum positioning flexibility
-No metal on metal friction thanks to plastic pivot adapter

  • Weight:0.55 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:8.1x3.5x2.5 in