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Omnia 11

Omnia 11: Audio Processor

ALL READY!! -> The 93.5FM Hollywood Miami from Revolution 935 Network will start playing with the best of the...

Posted by Broadcast Depot on viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016


-Non-linear Crosstalk: > -80 dB, main to sub or sub to main channel (referenced to 100% modulation).
-38 kHz Suppression: > 70 dB (referenced to 100% modulation).
-76 kHz Suppression: > 80 dB (referenced to 100% modulation).
-Pilot Protection: > -65 dB relative to 9% pilot injection, ± 1 kHz.
-57 kHz (RDS/RBDS) Protection: better than -50 dB.

Omnia 7

Omnia FM/AM Audio Processor


- Selectable FM or HD+streaming standard; optional upgrade to combinations of simultaneous FM+HD+Streaming+RDS.
- Omnia-exclusive “Undo” Audio Restoration Technology
- Psychoacoustically Controlled Distortion Masking FM Clipper
- Two-band final look-ahead limiter for HD Radio and streaming

Omnia 11 GForce Plugin

Omnia 11 Plugin


-Highly refined density detection scheme for rock-solid performance across a wide range of recordings
-Program adaptive attack, release, and ratio values let you set the characteristic elements of your signature sound and make auto acceleration and deceleration smoother than ever
-A Makeup Threshold allows for gain management and control without sudden, audible swings
-And Many More..

Omnia 9 X2

Omnia 9 Audio Management Software


- Exclusive “Undo” technology with de-clipper prevents listener fatigue by removing distortion and selectively, undoing the over-compression so common in     mastering today.
- Optimizes sound quality of low bitrates by removing distortion components so that they do not waste bits during encoding.
- 6-band Parametric EQ for your signature sound.

Omnia SST

Omnia professional audio processing software


-Low-Latency Performance – Using an i7 class processor,  latency can be reduced to as low as 5ms.
-The Perfect Declipper – A unique filter, also found in our Omnia.9 and 11 flagship processors. It detects and reconstructs clipping-damaged audio (distortion caused by too-loud input levels and overly aggressive mastering), prevalent in music.

Omnia X2

Omnia X2 Software


- Genuine, high-quality audio codecs from Fraunhofer IIS (the inventors of MP3), including MP3, AAC-LC, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2, and xHE-AAC.
- Processes and encodes streaming audio for multiple platforms and bitrates simultaneously.
- Includes 3-band processing from Omnia Audio.