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Transmission Transmission

Accesories / Broadcast Tools

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AC Power Sentinel® 2 Plus

Remote Power Switch

- Temperature and/or humidity sensors can be added for environmental monitoring.
- Dry-contact sensors or switches can be connected for local control of outlets or for monitoring external devices.
- Real-time clock, can automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, sync with NTP server.

ACS 4.1

4+1 Stereo Matrix Switcher BSW

- True matrix switching, any or all inputs may be assigned to the output.
- Front panel multi-turn input level trimmers.
- Electronically balanced stereo inputs.
- Electronically balanced adjustable stereo output.

AES Silence Sentinel Std

Analog stereo silence monitor with integrated 2x1 switcher


-AES/EBU program switcher with front panel input selection switches and indicator LED’s.
-Front panel “Manual/Automatic” switch with front panel LED, remote input and open collector status output.
-Integrated digital to analog converter with balanced stereo and headphone outputs.
-Audio silence sensor.

Audio Sentinel +Streaming

Web-enabled two channel stereo silence monitor with integrated 2x1 switcher

- Built-in web server provides simple, web based notification, monitoring, configuration, control.
- Internal silence sensor with front panel activity and alarm LED indicators.
- MP3 streaming codec for web based output audio confidence monitoring.
- Front panel, remote, and web-based switcher controls.

COA-37 XDS/Serial

Connect-O-Adapter 37

- Here’s another problem solver from Broadcast Tools for the XDS and/or StarGuide II or III satellite receiver! The Connect O' Adapter 37 XDS/Serial, (COA-37 XDS/Serial), provides an effective way to convert the DB-37 connector to removable screw terminals, along with adding a DB-9 connector to allow for serial, RS-232 Netcue data.

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