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Radio Radio

IP Consoles

GPIO xNode

IP Audio


-6 GPIO ports, each port is equipped with 5 opto-isolated inputs and 5 outputs, presented on standard DA-15 connections.
-Each port can be associated with audio sources and/or destinations to provide machine start/stop pulses, lamp drives, and remote channel controls.
-Once a port is configured to be associated with a particular device, it automatically activates with that device.

iQ 6-Fader Telco Expan

Expansion Module for AXIA IQ Console

-Plugs into the iQ console engine using an available CANBus connector.
-Includes OLED Status Symbols visual call management display, direct control of 6 phone lines and 2 hybrids, DTMF dial pad.
-Utilizes 100mm conductive-plastic faders, aircraft-quality switches and LED key back-lighting.

Microphone xNode

IP Audio


-4 mic inputs with switchable Phantom power, with preamp gain adjustable from -74dBu to -19dBu
-8 mono or 4 stereo balanced line-level outputs for headphone or monitor feeds
-I/O are accessible via easy-to-install RJ-45 connectors or high density DB-25 ports.
-Microphone xNode can also be used as a multiple input mic preamp and A/D converter, or as the stage-end of a digital snake.

Mixed-Signal xNode

IP Audio


-1 Mic/Line analog input (switchable), 2 analog line inputs (dedicated), 3 analog line outputs, 1 digital AES3 input and 1 AES3 output
-Audio inputs are presented on easy-to-install RJ-45 connectors with 1 XLR provided for Mic input.
-2 GPIO ports, each with 5 opto-isolated inputs and outputs. Standard DB-15 connections.



•Fanless design with heavy machined heat-sinks is completely silent in-studio.
•Front-panel status display monitors power and network status.
•Telecom grade power supplies are designed for maximum uptime under harsh conditions.
•Add a PowerStation Aux to PowerStation Main for dual-redundant power supply with automatic, seamless switching.
• And Many More...


Axia Broadcast Console

- 8 faders, each with instant access to any source. Assign any type of source to any channel with a simple twist of the Options knob.
-Four main stereo outputs (Program-1 through Program-4).
-Software upgrade for QOR.16 integrated console makes Radius AoIP console AES67-compliant.
-Built-in three-band per-source EQ.
- And Many More...