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Audio Codecs

Access Portable 2USB

Comrex Stereo BRIC IP Audio codec

From: Comrex


-Uses BRIC technology to deliver broadcast audio over the public Internet
-User interface via integrated LCD/touch screen for display menus and metering
-Web browser included for connection to Wi-Fi access points that require log-in
-Built-in Ethernet port

Broadcasters have long dreamed of complete flexibility and ultimate mobility for remote broadcasts without having to lug around unwieldy racks of gear or clumsy setups too difficult to configure in the field.

Comrex ACCESS PORTABLE delivers in a sleek, compact, handheld unit capable of sending mono, stereo or dual mono audio over POTS, DSL, Cable, Wi-Fi, 3G cellular (EVDO/UMTS), satellite — plus some services you may not have even heard of.

Comrex ACCESS PORTABLE was designed for fast and easy connections in the field via a wide variety of data connections regardless of whether in the hands of “non-technical” personnel or seasoned remote “road warriors.” Complete with a 7-hour Lithium-Ion battery with built-in charger and combined with an integrated CardBus slot for wireless IP cards and modems, Comrex ACCESS Portable will allow you connect from virtually anywhere! Your remotes will never be the same.


-Built-in rechargeable battery supplies 7 hours of talk-time (5 hours with mixer)
-ACCESS Portable includes a CardBus-style 802.11b Wi-Fi Card and 56k POTS modem card
-Backward compatibility to Comrex POTS codecs