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From: Telos

Z/IPStream R/1 from The Telos Alliance makes netcasting a lot easier. Z/IPStream combines Omnia audio processing that makes Internet-delivered audio sound its best, with the coding
expertise of Telos, utilizing the latest and most widely used audio codecs. We go one step further and add metadata embedding in popular formats.

Z/IPStream R/1 is a single box - an appliance - that simplifies getting your audio streaming onto the ‘Net. Put audio into the Z/IPStream R/1, make a few setup selections, and stream your
audio perfectly to most any stream server or streaming service for worldwide distribution.


» Studio reference audio fidelity using genuine Fraunhofer MPEG-AAC and MP3 compression algorithms » Supports output bit rates from 16kbps to 320 kbps (dependent upon active codec) » Supports direct output to Wowza, ICEcast, Adobe Flash Media, Live365, SHOUTcast and SHOUTcast v2 servers. » Multiple metadata input templates include parsers for NexGen, Simian, iMediaTouch and Jazler radio automation software. More formats may be added easily via Z/IPStream R/1’s Web-based interface » Ensures the best-possible quality at the conversion stage with a pro-grade 24-bit A/D converter » Professional- grade I/O with both Livewire and balanced analog (XLR) inputs and outputs » Built-in webserver for remote control of all device settings, plus mini stream-server for remote confirmation of audio presence and output » Front-panel controls include OLED display for inperson setup and process metering, plus ¼” TRS headphone jack with volume control » Three-band Omnia audio processing with wideband AGC, HFEQ, LP filter and look-ahead limiting » Separate LAN and WAN ports let you stream audio while keeping studio network isolated from the outside world » Multiple Z/IPStream R/1 devices can exist on the same network, al- lowing generation of multiple bit rates or streaming to different media server
platforms » Best-in-the-industry 5-year warranty and access to the Telos Alliance 24/7 Support hotline — radio never sleeps, and neither do we.