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32-Track Digital Portastudio

  • Weight:16.2 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:24.0 x 17.0 x 7.0 in

-Record up to 8 Tracks Simultaneously
-Records to SD/SDHC Cards
-21 Faders
-Up to 32 Track Playback

Allowing you to record hands-on without the need for a computer, the DP-32SD 32-Track Digital Portastudio from Tascam can track up to 8 sources simultaneously with support for up to 32 tracks on playback. It features 8 combo XLR/TRS mic preamplifier inputs, with the eighth input also supporting Hi-Z sources such as guitar and bass. For hands-on control of your mix, the unit has 21 total faders (including the master), as well as a variety of EQ, compression, and guitar-based effects for tweaking your mix.

The unit records directly to SD and SDHC cards. Additionally, you can export your tracks to an external computer via the unit's USB port. A power supply, 2 GB SD card, and a USB cable are included.

The recorder has 12 selectable tracks between MONO or STEREO. Use a STEREO track for recording synthesizer, or set the track to MONO when recording guitar or vocal. Not only that, you can create independent settings for each track (set #9 to #12 STEREO, then set #13 to #22 MONO)

The DP-32SD has a 3.5" LCD screen and select self-illuminated buttons, to view your entire creative process. Some of the illuminated buttons include SOURCE, SELECT, REC, MUTE.


-Playback Channels 32
-Recording Media SD Card (512 MB to 2 GB)
-SDHC Card (4 to 32 GB)
-File System SD Card: FAT16
-SDHC Card: FAT32
-Inputs Inputs A to H:
-Connectors: Combo XLR/TRS connectors, (1: GND, 2: Hot, 3: Cold), balanced
-Input Impedance: XLR: 2.4 kΩ TRS: 22 kΩ or more; Input H Set to Guitar: 1 MΩ
-Nominal Input Level: XLR: -14 dBu; TRS: +4 dBu
-Maximum Input Level: XLR: +2 dBu, TRS: +20 dBu
-Stereo Output Connector: RCA pin jack, unbalanced
-Output Impedance: 200 Ω
-Nominal Output Level: -10 dBV
-Maximum Output Level: +6 dBV
-Effect Sends Connector: 1/4" (6.3 mm) TS phone jack, unbalanced
-Output Impedance: 200 Ω
-Nominal Output Level: -10 dBV
-Maximum Output Level: +6 dBV
-Monitor Output Connector: 1/4" (6.3 mm) TRS phone jack, balanced
-Output Impedance: 200 Ω
-Nominal Output Level: -2 dBV
-Maximum Output Level: +14 dBV
-Headphones Connector: 1/4" (6.3 mm) TRS phone jack 
-Maximum Output Level: 70 mW + 70 mW (THD+N 0.1% or less, 32 Ω loaded)-
-USB Connector: USB Mini-B type 4-pin
-Format: USB 2.0 High-Speed mass-storage class
-Remote Connector: 2.5mm TRS jack
-Power Dedicated AC Adapter
-Power Consumption 12 W (when supplying phantom power)
-Operating Temperature 41 to 95° F (5 to 35° C)